Hero Corps Field Analyst


Speak to a Hero Corps Field Analyst

Athena Currie

This might interest you, Red Tomax. Hero Corps have begun a new service to help heroes who are looking for more difficult challenges. You should talk to one of their Field Analysts and see if it interests you.

Remember that this whole thing is completely optional. You can ignore it if you like, but you should know about it.

Part 1: Speak to Hero Corp Analyst
Delivery @ Kings Row
Hero Corps Field Analyst

Thank you for seeing me, Red Tomax. Hero Corps is deidcated to helping all of the city's heroes, and we're unveiling a new service to help you reach for the highest possible levels of achievement. If you want to face more difficult foes and challenges than a hero of you level normally would, let us know, and we'll get the word around to all of your contacts. They'll make sure to give you the toughest assignments possible. If you later decide that you'd like to tone your challenges bck down to normal or take them even higher, you can always speak to one of our Field Analysts such as myself, and we'll be happy to help you change things either way.

Thanks for visiting with us, Red Tomax. Remember that Hero Corps is here to help Heroes!

Athena Currie

It's an interesting service, if you're looking for more difficult challenges. It's completely optional, though, so don't worry about it if it doesn't interest you.

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