The Helm of Lim'phur


Hit the streets and wrest some artifacts from the Hellions

Genevieve Sanders

The Hellions have been found with a lot of stolen artifacts lately. Some of the things they're carrying are quite powerful and corrupting; they shouldn't be in the hands of the wisest men on Earth, let alone a bunch of thugs. I wat you to hit the streets and see if you can wrest some of these artifacts from the Hellions.

If I were you I'd start in Galaxy City or Perez Park.

Part 1: Retrieve dangerous artifacts (Defeat 10 Hellions)
Defeat X @ Any Hellions

Mission Complete: You have recovered several artifacts from the Helions.

ClueRecovered artifacts

While defeating some Hellions, you recovered three dangerous artifacts: the Helm of Lim'phur, a necklace given to Ann Boleyn by King Henry VIII, and a strange seashell that emits a haunting melody when held to your ear.

Genevieve Sanders

Good job, red Tomax. These artifacts will be much better off in the MAGI vaults.

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