Perez Park Security Detail


See Perez Park ecurity Chief

Genevieve Sanders

The Security Chief for Perez Park asked for you by name. You should take that as a compliment. Go talk to him. He's located in Atlas PArk near the gates to Perez Park.

Perez Park is a dangerous place these days. Clearly the Chief thinks you can handle it, but take a couple friends with you, just in case.

Part 1: Talk to Security Chief
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Perez Park Security Chief

Take this breifing seriously. I need you to deal with some of the Circle of Thorns mystics that have been plagueing the area. Try looking for them in Bettis Hills.

CluePerez Park briefing

Perez Park used to be a beautiful place to take your family for an afternon picnic. Now no one is his right mind wanders in there. Most of the area has been abandoned. largely due to the rumors of unholy Circle of Thorns rites taking place deep within the forest. The park itself is entirely overgrown, a perfect place for those strange mystics to summon up a demon or two. This zone is so deadly that even heroes shouldn't go in there in groups of fewer than three.

Part 2: Keep peace in Perez Park (Defeat 10 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X @ Perez Park Circle of Thorns

Mission Complete: You have defeated 10 Circle of Thorns mystics.

Genevieve Sanders

I guess the Chief's confidence in you was well placed. Fantastic job, Red Tomax.

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