Kings Row Security Detail


See Kings Row Security Chief

Genevieve Sanders

I need you to get over to the Kings Row Security Shief right away. Follow your compass.

There have been reports of some trouble with the Skulls in Kings Row, so he may send you afer them.

Part 1: Talk to Security Chief
Delivery @ Kings Row
Kings Row Security Chief

This briefing will help you. Now get out there and take out those Skulls. You might try looking for them in High Park or Freedom Plaza.

ClueKings Row Security Briefing

A lot of hardworking folks live in Kings Row, home to most of Paragon City's labour force. The place was named after the King Garment Works, but that business went under over twenty years ago. Now, Kings Row is in the hands of all sorts of businesses, from small factories to various Crey subsidiaries. Unfortunately, those damn Skulls have taken over the streets. Some people say that those ghouls belong to some sort of death cult. Whether that's true or not, the Skulls are sure full of trouble.

Part 2: Combat Skulls in Kings Row (Defeat 10 Skulls)
Defeat X @ Kings Row Skulls

Mission Complete: You have defeated 10 Skulls.

Genevieve Sanders

The security force send their thanks. Good work, Red Tomax! It won't be easy to clean up Kings Row, but with your help, we have a much better chance of success.

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