Flower Knight


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I've been doing soem digging and found an abandoned office where the thugs were given what they thought was a common street drug. It was actually a Rikti mutation drug. As you know, the RIkti have been a constant nuisance to us since their failed invastion last year.

I spoke with Dr. Miller and he says he can create a cure, but we need the original formula for the mutation drug. I believe the formula is on a computer in that office. I want you to go in there, clear out any enemies you find, and find the formula on the computer.

Another hero, named Flower Knight, has already made her way into the place. She's been in there a while, so she might be in abit of trouble. If you rescue her she should be able to help you clear that place out of contaminated thugs.

I've marked the abandoned office on your map and compass. Left click on the door to enter. Find FLower Knight, defeat any enemies, and click on the computer to find the formula. Bring the formula back to me at once.

Part 1: Find formula, defeat all thugs (Rescue Flower Knight)
Abandoned Office @ Outbreak Contaminated

Defeat any enemies aroudn Flower Knight to rescue her, and click on the glowing computer to search through it.

Objective: You found the formula


This is the formula Dr. Miller needs to reverse th Rikti mutation drug.

Flower Knight Ally [Lieutenant]
Kil-ja 'Kit' Sung is a young Korean-American who ignored her past for most of her life. She immersed herself in the modern age and all types of gadgets and technology. That all changed when she was visited by one of her ancestor spirits. her ancestor Jun-tak, was a great warrior in his time and a master archer. un-tak explained that a time of great trouble must be met by all rightous warriors. He presented Kil-ja with a mystic bow of great power and sent her to Paragon City to carry on teh greand tradition of her family. Kit has not fully accepted her role as Flower Knight, but between the advice of her ancestor, the power of his mystic bow, and her expertise with gadgets she is destined to be a mighty heroine in the City of Heroes.

Mission Complete: You have defeated all the thugs and found the formula. Click the Exit button next to your compass to leave the map immediately.


Fantastic, I'll take this formula to Dr. Miller so we can finally end this nightmare. We'll start processign the antidote right away.

I see you have enough experience points to reach level 2. Notice the arrow in your status Circle. You need to visit a signature hero to raise your security level and receive a new power.

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