The Antidote


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Officer Flint

We need an antidote for those berserk thugs, I've collected this blood sample. Please take it to Dr. Miller; he's marked on your map and compass.

Dr. Miller is just down the street. Give him the sample, and see if he has anything further for you.

ClueBlood sample

A blood sample that must be delivered to Dr. Miller.

Part 1: Deliver the serum to Dr. Miller
Delivery @ Outbreak
Dr. Miller

Thank you! This sample will help our research immensly.

Since you are new to Paragon City, you should familiarize yourself with the way hospitals work here. There is an Information Terminal in front of Rivera Medical Center next to me you need to read. After you read what's on the terminal, you can then return to Officer Flint for more instructions.

Part 2: Read the Terminal in front of Hospital
Delivery @ Outbreak
Information Terminal

Medicom and Defeat

The Medicom is a state of the art analysis and healign device. it will analyze the current medical status of a freindly target and teleport them to the nearest hospital upon defeat. Equipping every hero with a Medicom patch is the only thing keeping Paragon City from being overrun.

If you have an associate that can revive you, you may wait for that instead by not clicking OK in the dialog box that appears upon defeat.

Officer Flint

Excellent job. What did you call yourself again? Was it Red Tomax? That's pretty original. You seem to navigtate well, so let me tel you about the Map. Click the Map Button to bring up an overhead view of the zone.

Click any item on the map to target it. The target appears on your compass.

Officer Parks radioed. he needs help fighting off some rioting thugs down the street.

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