The kidnapping of Matthew Motrose


Save Matthew Motrose from the Vahzilok

Tristan Caine

Matthew Motrose, a brilliant ER surgeon, has been kidnapped. We think he's been taken to an abandoned office. It'll be dangerous, but I need you to save Matthew Motrose from the Vahzilok.

I marked the entrance to the office on your map. I don't know what the Vahzilok want with a surgeon like Matthew Motrose, but it can't be good.

Part 1: Save surgeon from Vahzilok (Help surgeon find organs)
Abandoned Office Vahzilok

The damp, mildewed carpet squishes beneath your feet. It bears a thick trail, the mark of a helpless human form being dragged.

Matthew Motrose Hapless Citizen [Captive]
This Hapless citizen is in over his head.

Mission Complete: You rescued the surgeon.

Tristan Caine

Matthew Motrose said those organs were the remains of fallen heroes. Apparently Vahzilok has some sort of pipeline to the hospital, which he's using to siphon off the best donated organs for his own dark purposes. The way Matthew Motrose described Dr. Vahzilok's experiments, they seem nothing short of brilliant. If only he would confine himself to legal experiments, his brilliance could be a great boon to mankind.

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