Rebar: Captured Scientists


Rescue the scientists from the Clockwork

Athena Currie

There's been a Clockwork attack on the university campus! The engineering department was hosting a robotics seminar, and several of the speakers were kidnapped by those strange Clockwork robots. I need you to rescue those scientists from the Clockwork, Red Tomax. Pargon City won't lose her greatest minds on my watch.

Watch out for the big Clockwork known as Rebar. From what I understand, he's pretty dangerous.

Part 1: Defeat Rebar and its minions (5 scientists to save)
Sewers Clockwork

A pleading voice goes totally unanswered.

Mission Complete: You rescued the kidnapped scientists from the Clockwork

ClueThe dean's story

When you rescued the Dean of Engineering, he told you:

'This may sound crazy, but I think they wanted revenge! The five of us hold patents for the most advanced robots in use today. I think the Clockwork King is angry that we're receiving credit for our work, while he's regarded as a madman!'

Athena Currie

Som the dean thinks the Clockwork King is jealous of the scientists he kidnapped. I suppose that makes sense. After all, the King has produced some of the most ingenious robots on the planet. If he hadn't retreated into villany, he'd probably be given a Nobel prize!

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