Strange Trends


Hit the streets and defeat as many Vahzilok as you can find

Kip Cantorum

My sources have been reporting a strange trend in the latest round of Vahzilok kidnapings. It seems they're targetting particular individuals! I want you to hit the streets and defeat as many Vahzilok as you can find. Maybe we can figure out who they're targeting, and why.

You should look for the Vahzilok in Kings Row or Steel Canyon. Those areas have been hit particularly hard.

Part 1: Learn about kidnapping targets (Defeat 10 Vahzilok)
Defeat X @ Any Vahzilok

Mission Complete: On the last Vahzilok you defeated, you found a list of names.

ClueList of Names

You took this list of names off a Vahzilok you defeated. It may enumerate the Vahzilok's next few kidnapping targets.

Kip Cantorum

Yes, several of the people on this list have been reported missing. I'll warn the others right away! We'll have to look for a connection between these people, Red Tomax. This could be a big clue to Vahzilok's future plans.

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