Stolen Corpses


Stop the Vahzilok from stealing bodies

Kip Cantorum

We've gotten reports of a strong Vahzilok presence in the sewers. They are using them to access the morturary and steal corpses. Will you stop the Vahzilok from stealing those bodies? Paragon City's fallen citizens deserve better than this.

The sewer entrance is marked on your map. Watch out for the Vahzilok called Digger.

Part 1: Defeat Digger and his minions
Sewers Vahzilok

The smell of fresh corpses makes it obvious that you have found Digger's lair.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Digger, stopping any further thefts from the morturary.

Kip Cantorum

The morturary reports that the thefts have stopped. Great job, Red Tomax!

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