The Vahzilok Pollutant Plot


Stop the Vahzilok slaughter

Tristan Caine

I've just heard that the Vahzilok are attacking some offices! Apparently they're slaughtering everyone. You need to stop the Vahzilok slaughter right away. Make certain you examine the area for any clues they might have left.

Hurry! Lives are at stake

Part 1: Stop zombie leader and minions (Investigate raid, 7 hostages left)
Office Vahzilok

The Vahzilok have turned this office into a charnel mad house.

Objective: You found an ID badge on the body

ClueID Badge

You found this ID badge on the victim of a Vahzilok attack. The badge identifies the wearer as an employee of the Paragon City Water Department.

Mission Complete: You stopped the zombie leader and minions.

Tristan Caine

That badge you found on the dead man is from the Paragon City Water Department. What do the Vahzilok want with a PC Water employee?

Investigate the chemical hijacking

Tristan Caine

You did a great job stopping the Vahzilok slaughter at that office building, and I think I can trust you with another big job. A couple days ago a truck carrying a variety of dangerous chemicals was hijacked. There was no sign of the parties responsible, but the truck was just sighted pulling into a warehouse. Do you think you could investigate the chemical hijacking for me? Take a look around, but we'll handle the chemical cleanup once you secure the warehouse.

Make certain to be careful with those chemicals.

Part 2: Defeat hijacker and his guards (Investigate hijacking)
Warehouse Vahzilok

The hijacked truck is outside, and it's already been unloaded. This is definitely the place.

Objective: You found a shipping manifest.

ClueShipping manifest

This shipping manifest lists the contents of a chemical shipment hijacked by the Vahzilok.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the hijackers and found a clue to their motives.

Tristan Caine

Good job Red Tomax. I'll look over this shipping manifest you found. I'm sure we recovered most of the hijacked chemicals, but it could be that the Vahzilok managed to make off with something.

I've got another problem I'm hoping you can solve.

Rescue the physicians from the Vahzilok

Tristan Caine

Vahzilok's zombies attacked a conference over at the hospital a few hours ago and kidnapped several of the attending physicians. One of the hostages managed to get a call out on his cell phone. I need you to rescue those physicians from the Vahzilok. I have grave fears about this, Red Tomax. The office raid, the chemical hijacking, and now this attack on the hospital. It's clear that the Vahzilok are up to no good.

Make certain none of the hostages are harmed.

Part 3: Rescue the physicians (3 hostages remaining)
Office Vahzilok

Notes from the conference are scattered here and there, marked by the dark, oderous footprints of the undead.

Tristan Caine

I think I've figured this out. If I am right, we're in real trouble.

Ok, Red Tomax, let's add it all up. The man who died during the Vahzilok's office attack was a Paragon City Water Department employee. And there were some key chemicals missing from the hijacked shipment you recovered from the Vahzilok. I couldn't figure out what they were for, until you told me about the doctor you rescued. He was working on an experimental drug to prevent tissue rejection, right? Well, these missing chemicals are just what the Vahzilok need to manufacture that drug. You know what I think?

Combat the Vahzilok rampage

Tristan Caine

Based on the clues you've recovered, I'll bet the Vahzilok are trying to dose the Paragon City water supply with an experimental drug. I think it will lower our resistance to implants, making it easier for Vahzilok to turn any Paragon citizen into a zombie! I heard that one of Vahzilok's leiutenants called Mayhem ordered an increase in their attacks. I think he is trying to obscure their true motives. I need you to combat the Vahzilok rampage. See if you can pick up any more information.

Look in Perez Park or Kings Row for Vahzilok.

Part 4: Combat the Vahzilok rampage (Defeat 10 Vahzilok)
Defeat x @ Any Vahzilok

Mission Complete: You found a tattered map.

ClueTattered map

This map is worn, but it looks like it might show a portion of the Paragon City sewers. It will require expert analysis.

Tristan Caine

One of the Vahzilok dropped this map? Looks like it might show part of the sewer system. If I'm right, and the Vahzilok are trying to drug the water supply, you may have just found the clue we need to turn their plan on ear.

We need to have this map examined by an expert.

Take the map to the city representative

Tristan Caine

I'll bet anything this map you found has something to do with the Vahzilok's plan to drug the water supply. I need you to take the map to the city representative. She can tell us exactly what part of the sewer it references.

Watch your back. The Vahzilok may be aware you found this.

Part 5: Take map to city representative
Delivery @ Atlas Park
City Representative

Hmm, yes, you took this map off a Vahzilok you say? I'll get this to someone in the city planner's office at once.

ClueSewer map

This sewer map marks the location of the water purification system. It is there that the Vahzilok will try to introduce their drug to the city's water supply.

Tristan Caine

I'm glad you're back. I just heard from the city planner's office. That map marks the location of the purification system. I'm right, Red Tomax, I know I am! The Vahzilok plan to drug all of Paragon City's water.

I think the purifiers would eliminate this drug, so Mayhem must plan to bypass them in order to introduce the drug to the system.

Stop Mayhem from drugging the water

Tristan Caine

According to the city planner, this map you found marks the location of the water purification system over in Kings Row. If Mayhem manages to introduce his drug to the water there, it'll be bad news for everyone with a faucet. Red Tomax, you've got to stop Mayhem from drugging the water. If you hurry, lives can still be saved.

The Vahzilok will have their drug stored at several strategic positions. You need to destroy it before they can release it into the water system.

Part 6: Stop Mayhem and his minions (3 drug barrels to destroy)
Sewer @ Kings Row Vahzilok

Right now, families are washing dishes and bathing children, unaware that you are the only thing standing between their water and the Vahzilok's strange drug.

Mission Complete: You have stopped the Vahzilok plan to poison the city.

Tristan Caine

You destroyed those chemicals just in time!

Well, we stopped them. If I'm, right, Red Tomax, that Vahzilok drug would have impaired the immune system of every person in this city. It would have been easier for Vahzilok to transform people into zombies, since his victims would have a much lower chance of rejecting the tissue grafts.

It also would have made us less likely to fight off infections and viruses. Before long, the hospital wards would be full of people dying from flu or the common cold! Thank you so much, Red Tomax; you've done this city a great service.

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