Drug Trafficking in Perez Park


Go to Perez Park and stop the Skulls' drug trafficking

Juan Jimenez

The Skulls have been selling a lot of Superadine in Perez Park lately. The hospitals are crowded with overdosed addicts, and street crime is escalating. I need you to go to the source. Get over to Perez Park and stop the Skulls' drag trafficking. If we can't stem the flow of Superadine, we could wind up losing a lot of people in that zone.

The Boneyard and the park itself are some of the Skulls' favourite hangouts. I suggest you start there.

Part 1: Combat Skulls in Perez Park (Defeat 10 Skulls)
Defeat X @ Perez Park Skulls

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Skulls from selling Superadine in Perez Park.

Juan Jimenez

Well done, Red Tomax. The Skulls' drug ring just took a big hit.

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