Death's Head


Destroy the drug lab and recover the sample the Skulls are using

Juan Jimenez

Some Skulls have set up a lab to make their own Superadine. Someone needs to destroy that drug lab and recover the sample the Skulls are using. Can you get it done before they can go into mass production?

I know you can do it, but be careful. The rumour is that Death's Head is running the show. He won't go down easy.

Part 1: Stop Death's Head and crew (3 labs to destroy)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Atlas Park Skulls

The old warehouse smells of rotting cardboard, rusting metal, and strange chemicals.

Objective: You found a sample of raw Superadine.

ClueRaw Superadine sample

This unrefined sample of the drug Superadine was collected from a Skulls' drug lab.

Mission Complete: You got the Superadine sample and defeated Death's Head.

Juan Jimenez

That's more Superadine off the streets. Good work. I'll pass this sample along to someone I know at SERAPH.

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