Gang Warfare


Break up the gang fight

Juan Jimenez

The Skulls are planning to move on a Hellions hideout in an abandoned office building. I need someone to break up that gang fight. But watch out; once you show up, they won't stay around for long. You only have 75 minutes to break up the gang fight.

I hear the Helions have some valuable artifacts stored in that hideout. Bring them back if you can. You only real objective is to stop the fight, but if you can prevent the artifacts from being destroyed, I'd be much obliged to you.

Part 1: End gang war, arrest all thugs - 1:15:00 (Protect artifacts)
Abandoned Office @ Kings Row Hellions,Skulls

You can hear the sounds of gunfire and flame, muted by the old office's decaying walls.

Objective: You have recovered several small artifacts.

ClueConfiscated artifacts

You stopped the Skulls from destroying these artifacts.

Mission Complete: You defeated the gang members, and averted a full-scale gang war.

Juan Jimenez

It seems both the Hellions and the Skulls were operating under order. Red Tomax, there are bigger things afoot than a simple scuffle over territory. We have to get to the bottom of the Skulls' and the Hellions' connections!

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