Council Ciphers


Find the Council's ciphers

Derek Amberson

Red Tomax, I've got a good tip for you. My sources have uncovered a critical link in the Council's communications network. It's a base full of cryptologists, whose only job is to develop and disseminate the ciphers that keep the Council's communications secret. If you could get your hands on those ciphers, we'd know a whole lot more about the Council's activities. What do you say?

Once you've got the codes, take them over to Charlie Sparks. He's got a lot of connections; he can get the information disseminated quickly.

Part 1: Defeat all Council soldiers (Find ciphers)
Office @ Galaxy City Council

You move quickly and quietly through the lobby. You know the Council will be well-prepared.

Objective: You found the Council's secret codes.

ClueCouncil file

This file, taken from a Council base, details many of the Council's secret ciphers.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Council and found their secret codes.

Part 2: Take file to Charlie Sparks
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Charlie Sparks

Wow, Red Tomax. This file has ciphers dating back for months; it even has some codes the Council has yet to implement. With this information, we can find out a lot more about their activities. You've done Paragon City a great service today.

Derek Amberson

You couldn't have done a better job. Those codes you found should help us figure out exactly what moves the Council will make next. Red Tomax, your actions today have doubtlessly saved lives.

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