Stolen Weapons


Talk to Maurice Feldon

Derek Amberson

I need you to talk to an engineer named Maurice Feldon. he has some important information on Council activities.

Maurice knows a lot about what goes on in this town. Please do whatever he asks.

Part 1: Talk to Maurice Feldon
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Maurice Feldon

I got word from a supplier that the Council just got their hands on some series artillery. I'm not talking about anything they could acquire commercially. I mean military weaponary, stuff theu stole from the government. According to my source, they're storing the guns at a nearby warehouse. Someone's got to recover those stolen weapons and get them to Rachel Torres. With her government connections, she should be able to return the weapons to their proper place.

Part 2: Recover stolen weapons (Find weapons)
Warehouse @ Galaxy City Council

You hear an Adjutant's crisp order and the sound of marching boots. It seems the Council are engaged in a drill.

Objective: This crate contains some canned vegetables.

Objective: You recovered the stolen weapons!

ClueStolen weapons

You recovered this cache of stolen weaponry from a Council base. According to Maurice Feldon, the soldiers stole these weapons from the U.S. military.

Mission Complete: You recovered the weapons from the Council.

Part 3: Take weapons to Rachel Torres
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Rachel Torres

Thanks Red Tomax. The police can get these weapons back where they belong. There may even be a medal in it for you!

Derek Amberson

Nicely done, Red Tomax. Rachel's made sure all her superiors know that you're a friend to the U.S. military. That could open some big doors for you.

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