A Major Nemesis Base


Destroy supplies in large Nemesis Army base and capture base commander

Lt. Col. Flynn

It's amazing what you can fin dout with a bit of careful surveilance, a few wiretaps, and a daring raid or two. Case in point, my men have been able to pin own the location of a major Nemesis base in the area. The downside, of course, is that's all we can do about it. In an ideal world, I'd have the manpower to kick the doors in on the place, destroy the supplies the Nemesis Army has stocked up in the base and capture the base commander, but that's the kind of operation that would take either a small army or a hero of some kind with powers far beyond those of normal people. Might even take a team of heroes.

Well, ain't that something. Here I thought this Shadow Shard place was some kind of nightmare, but I guess it's a pretty ideal wold after all. Here's what you need to do, Red Tomax: You'll have to destroy all of the supplies at the base, but more than that I want you to defeat the base commander and his staff. The rest of the base I don't care about, but the commander might have valuable information

Part 1: Defeat base commander, his staff (5 supply crates)
Laboratory @ Cascade Archipelago Nemesis

General Hamond's fears were well founded. These caverns are filled with the sounds of the Rularuu.

Objective: You have destroyed a supply crate

Mission Complete: You defeated the base commander and destroyed the Nemesis Army's supplies.

Lt. Col. Flynn

I hope those Nemesis jokers didn't give you too much trouble. We've already sent the base commander back to Zulu for interrogation. If he's really unlucky, they'll give him to Volkov.

My scouts have reported that they've been clearing out of that base, so hopefully they'll go back to Paragon and get real jobs or something.

Well, you never know. It could happen.

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