Nemesis' Secret Bases


Smash the Nemesis Army base and destroy their supplies

Lt. Col. Flynn

Those Nemesis Army guys are acting up again. Probably because they think they have a medium sized secret base out here, so they figure they have all kinds of supplies and a safe retreat. Well, they're wrong and they're right right about that. They do have a base, and it does have all kinds of supplies for them. But they they're wrong if they think that it's secret. I'd also like to make them wrong about thinking it's a safe retreat, but I don't have the manpower to handle that and protect this facility. If only there was someone with paranormal or metahuman abilities willing to But what are the odds of that?

A hero willing to fight the Nemesis Army, right at my doorstep. What are the odds?

Okay, Red Tomax, here's what you have to do: It's a medium sized bae, so it should still be small enough for you to defeat all of the Nemesis Army forces in there. In addition, you'll need to find all of their supply cahces and destroy them to keep them from being re-captured by later raids by the Nemesis Army. I wish we could take them, but I can't run the risk that they're trapped.

Part 1: Defeat all Nemesis in base (3 supply crates)
Laboratory @ Cascade Archipelago Nemesis

This Nemesis Army base seems well supplied. Time to change that.

Objective: You destroyed a supply crate.

Mission Complete: You defeated all of the Nemesis forces in the base, and destroyed their supplies.

Lt. Col. Flynn

Nothing like raining on the parade of a bunch of 18th century egomaniacs. Solid work, Red Tomax, solid work.

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