Kora Fruit Research


Gather Kora Fruit and defeat the guardians in a small cave

Dr. Huxley

My research into the Kora Fruit is coming along splendidly, but the Rularuu have taken notice and begun to post stronger guardians. I still need more Kora Fruit for my work, and with the new guards Miss Moore's people are having trouble getting them. Miss Moore's people have found a small cave with a variety of ripe Kora Fruit in it, but it's guarded by many rularuu who'll have to be defeated to prevent reprisals against us. You'll still get some for yourself, of course, but you'll have to fight for them.

Thank you for all your help, Red Tomax. This will help my research a great deal. You will need to gather all of the Kora Fruit and defeat the Kora vine's guardians in the depths of the cave to finish the expedition.

Part 1: Gather Kora in small cave (5 Kora vine, Defeat guardians)
Tunnels @ Firebase Zulu Soldiers of Rularuu

The cave is warm and humid, like a hot-house for tropical flowers.

Objective: You received an inspiration!

ClueKora Fruit

You''ve gathered these Kora Fruit for Dr. Huxley.

Objective: You have defeated the Kora Guardians

Mission Complete: You harvested the Kora Fruit for Dr. Huxley.

Dr. Huxley

Thank you, Red Tomax! These are prefect speciments of Kora Fruit. If you ever need more, just ask me. I'll always need help getting more Kore Fruit to study.

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