The Clockwork Captive


Clean out the Clockwork warehouse

Athena Currie

We've uncovered another nest of Clockwork in an abandoned warehouse. I need a hero to get in there and clean out the Clockwork warehouse. If we don't move fast, these metal monstrosities will take over our city.

As always, look for clues about the locations of other nests.

Part 1: Defeat all Clockwork, Search for clues (Seek clues)
Abandoned warehouse @ Kings Row Clockwork

The sharp, chemical scent of machine oil cuts through the musty odor of old dust.

Objective: You found an interesting note on the bulletin board.

ClueBulletin board note

You found this note on a bulletin board in a Clockwork nest. It reads:

'The prisoner will cooperate, or he will suffer the consequences. All must serve the mighty purpose of the Clockwork King.'

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork and found a clue.

Athena Currie

This note you found certainly does make it seem like someone is being forced to help the Clockwork King. I will get the word out on the street. maybe we can find this man before it's too late.

Hit the streets and take down some Clockwork minions

Athena Currie

These Clockwork are becoming a serious problem. There is another nest somewhere in the city, but we are having a hard time finding its exact location. Maybe you could hit the streets and take down some Clockwork minions. You might be able to get a sense of where they're coming from.

Good luck, and try to figure out where they are coming from!

Part 2: Locate Clockwork nest (Defeat 10 Clockwork)
Defeat x @ Any Clockwork

Mission Complete: Something catches your eye in the rubble of Clockwork pieces.

ClueAn etched Clockwork piece

This is a piece of a Clockwork robot. The words 'help me' are clearly scratched into the metal.

Athena Currie

Look at this! It looks like someone is being imprisioned by the Clockwork!

The note on the bulletin board, the engraved clockwork robot. They both point to the same conclusion: soemone is being forced to work for the Clockwork. It's up to you to do something about it.

Rescue the kidnapping victim before the Clockwork can move him

Athena Currie

According to the leads from you last two Clcokwork misisons, someone is being held captive by the Clockwork. I've had all my heroes workign on the case, and I have a lead on the place where this guy is being held. It's an old warehouse. You better rescue that kidnapping victim before the Clcokwork can move him again!

Finding this man may do more than save his life; it may clue us in to the King's next big plot!

Part 3: Look for kidnapping victim
Abandoned office Clockwork

The systematic scavenging of metal from the door frames shows that the Clockwork have found a use for this old office.

Objective: You found a key.

Objective: You found a note shoved into the back panel of a locker.

ClueA note found in a locker

This note looks hastily written; the only words you can read are 'CVX-1701 junction RVB-0070'.

Mission Complete: You found a garbled note. Perhaps your contact can decipher it.

Athena Currie

The kidnapped man wasn't there? they must have moved him! I hope this note you found can lead us to his new location.

This note looks like it could be an address, or an itersection of some sort. It must be a clue to the victim's location; we just need to figure it out!

Take the note to the city representative

Athena Currie

It's too bad you didn't get to the warehouse in time to save that kidnapping victim. But at least he was clever enough to leave us a note. Will you take the note over to the city representative? I'm hoping she can tell us if it refers to some location inside the city.

Hurry back; we probably don't have much time.

Part 4: Take note to city representative
Delivery @ Atlas Park
City Representative

Your friend was right. This is an intersection, though not of two streets. It's an old annex to the sewer system, off the main lines. Here, take this map back to your contact and see if you can come up with a plan.

ClueSewer junction map

This map is of an unused annex of the sewer system. It is labelled 'CVX-1701 junction RVB-0070'.

Athena Currie

Aha, so the note did give us an address! Now that we have a map to this new location, we should be able to find the kidnapped man quickly.

Find the man the Clockwork are holding hostage

Athena Currie

The Clockwork don't know the man they kidnapped managed to leave you a clue to his location. So they won't be expecting trouble. you should enter the sewers at this point. I hope you can find the man the Clockwork are holding hostage.

Good luck, Red Tomax. I don't think I have to tell you how important this mision is.

Part 5: Defeat all Clockwork in sewers (Rescue Clockwork hostage)
Sewer Clockwork

Ah, the sewers of Paragon City, will you ever be able to forget this smell?

Mission Complete: You rescued Lou, the mechanic forced to work for the Clockwork.

ClueConversation with Lou

When you rescued him, Lou said:

'You! You must have gotten all the clues I left. Oh, thank heavens! They forced me to help them with their insane designs. None of those designs should have worked at all, but somehow they did.

I'm grateful for my freedom, but the Clockwork still have my wife and daughter! They are holding them hostage; I don't know where. Please save Eunice and Caroline for me! Please!'

Athena Currie

I never doubted you'd rescue that mechanic from the Clockwork. I still can't believe his family's been kidnapped too. It's just so horrible! How could any sane person do such a thing?

So Lou was being forced to help the Clockwork King, even though he couldn't understand the engineering ehind any of the King's designs? Strange. Where is the logic behind this crime?

Find a clue that will lead you to Lou's missing wife and daughter

Athena Currie

You did good work rescuing that mechanic from the Clockwork, Red Tomax, but your job isn't over yet. We still need to find a clue that will lead us to Lou's missing wife and daughter. I need you to head over to Lou's shop and look for a lead.

Lou said he usually keeps the back room locked. You may have to look around for a key..

Part 6: Check out Lou's shop (Unlock back room)
Warehouse [Lou's Garage] @ Kings Row Clockwork

You saw a Clockwork minion entering Lou's shop. It was carryign a bag of groceries, obviously not for itself. You deduce that the Clockwork King has been keeping Lou's family here all along.

Objective: On one of the Clockwork minions, you found a key.

Mission Complete: You rescued Lou's family!

Athena Currie

Lou called. His wife and kid are back home with him, and he's eternally grateful to you. Red Tomax, I'm proud to have worked with you on this.

You did a great thing today, Red Tomax. Lou and his family are safe at home, and the Clockwork King is short a few more minions. I really wonder what he expected to get out of Lou. According to Lou, the Clockwork are mechanically impossible, yet they work nevertheless. This is going to require further investigation.

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