Nemesis Army Operations


Intercept Nemesis Army patrols around the Firebase Zulu area

Lt. Volkov

The Nemesis Army has been causing trouble all around the area, no doubt looking for new base sites and probing our defenses. These Nemesis Army operations need to be intercepted.

The Nemesis Army's patrols and scouts have been spotted all over the zone, so you can look for them anywhere around here you like. The important thing is that you intercept them.

Part 1: Fight Nemesis in Zulu area (Defeat 50 Nemesis)
Defeat X @ Firebase Zulu Nemesis

Mission Complete: You have defeated enough Nemesis Army to disrupt their operations.

Lt. Volkov

The Nemesis Army are reeling, Red Tomax, good work. Let's just hope we disrupted whatever their plans were for now.

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