The Missing Researchers


Mission Index

Look for the missing researchers and guides.

Dr. Boyd

Red Tomax, there's been quite a tragedy! Our explorers were told about some fascinating monuments in a series of underground caves by some of the natives. my researchers and their guides were exploring these when they were attacked by the Rularuu, and now we've lost contact with them! I'm very concerned for their safety, and was hoping that you could try to find the missing researchers and guides. Will you help?

Let me thank you, Red Tomax. I'm so glad that you're willing to help. I've marked the location of the caves they entered. You're only objective is to find all of those people before something happens to them.

The monuments they went to look for might also be there, but that's purely secondary.

Part 1: Find missing people (5 captives, 3 monuments)
Tunnels @ Firebase Zulu Soldiers of Rularuu

The Rularuu are definitely here. You wonder if the monument you're looking for will be guarded.

Objective: You have taken records and recording of the monument.

ClueMonument Records

You recorded these pictures and measurements of hidden monuments in the area around Firebase Zulu for Dr. Bruce Boyd.

Mission Complete: You rescued the missing researchers and guides from the Rularuu!

Dr. Boyd

Thank you ever so much, Red Tomax. If it hadn't been for you, I hate to think of what would have happened.

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