Mole Point Charlie


Get scientific Supplies to Dr. Ada Huxley

Dr. Boyd

There are just dozens of things that need to be done, Red Tomax, but I suppose one of the first things that needs your attention actually isn't for me. I have a colleague who's stationed deeper within the Shadow Shard. Her name is Dr. Ada Huxley, and her work is getting stalled due to a lack of supplies. Could you do me a great favour and get some scientific supplies to her?

Excellent, excellent! Now, she's stationed in the Cascades, the next known region of the Shadow Shard. In order to reach her you're going to need to use a Hortha Vine. Just in case you haven't done that before, I've called ahead and asked Lt. Quinn Volkov to give you a quick orientation. Speak with him first, then he'll send you along to Dr. Huxley.

ClueScientific Supplies

You were given this box of scientific supplies by Dr. Bruce Boyd to delivery to Dr. Ada Huxley.

Part 1: Speak with Lt. Volkov
Delivery @ Firebase Zulu
Lt. Volkov

Okay, Red Tomax, I don't know if you've used a Hortha Vine before, but just in case, let me give you the basics. Those big purple tubes you see here and there are Hortha Vines. Hortha Vines are some kind of living conduit through time and space. At the most basic level, you step in one end, and step out somehwere else. The science types talk a lot about breaking causality and 5th dikmensional evolution and get all excited, but really, the important thing is that they take you from place to place, and they're relatively safe.

Now, the woman you're lookign for is Dr. Ada Huxley. She's in a hidden base we have in the Cascades called 'Mole Point Charlie'.

Part 2: Find Dr. Huxley
@ Cascade Archipelago
Dr. Huxley

Are these the supplies from Dr. Boyd? Thank you...

Oh, wow!
I'm sorry, Red Tomax, I didn't realize it was, well, you. Well, um, let me just say it's a real delight to get these, uh, scientific supplies from you. Thank you for coming all this way.

I don't know if you've been breifed on it yet, but the teleporter here could make your return trip much shorter. Why don't you ask Lt. Col. Flynn about it?

Part 3: Speak with Lt. Col. Flynn
Delivery @ Cascade Archipelago
Lt. Col. Flynn

hey, there, Red Tomax. Ada asked me to make sure you'd been breifed on how to use the teleporter here in Mole Point Charlie. It's real easy. We've been trying to set up these secret 'Mole Point' installations whereever we can, to provide safe bases to explore the Shadow Shard. After we lost contact with Mole Point Bravo, we set up a teleportation system to link them, in case we have to evacuate.

In order to access a new Mole Point, you'll have to calibrate it by talking to the Mole Point operator. Once you've spoken to a Mole Point Operator, he'll activate the Mole Point teleporter for you and you'll be able to access it from any other Mole Point you've used before.

Since we only have two set up right now, this one will only take you right back to Mole Point Alpha inside Firebase Zulu. Speak with the Mole Point Operator and give it a go.

Part 4: Speak with Mole Point Operator
Delivery @ Cascade Archipelago
Mole Point Operator

Glad you're here, Red Tomax. Now that I've calibrated the Mole Point teleporter to your pattern, you'll be able to use the teleporter here at Mole Point Charlie to go to Mole Point Alpha in Firebase Zulu whenever you want. You'll also be able to use the teleporter there to return here.

As we get deeper into the Shadow Shard, we may be able to add more Mole Points. but right now, Alpha and Charlie are all we have. Give it a try.

Dr. Boyd

Thank you ever so much, Red Tomax. Dr. Huxley's already told me that her work's back on track, thanks to you.

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