Rularuu build up


Stop large build up of Rularuu

General Hammond

I've received some rather disturbing reports from native refugees about a large number of Rularuu gathering in a large cave system. If their numbers are truly that high, it may be enough to overwhelm us completely. This is a serious threat. This build-up of Rularuu must be stopped to guarantee our continued safety here at Firebase Zulu.

Please accept my thanks for volunteering for this mission, Red Tomax. Also please accept my advice to gather some allies before you embark on it. This is certain to be dangerous, and in order to see the threat abated, you will need to completely scour the Rularuu from those caverns.

Part 1: Defeat all Rularuu in caverns
Tunnels @ Firebase Zulu Soldiers of Rularuu

General Hamond's fears were well founded. These caverns are filled with the sounds of the Rularuu.

Mission Complete: You defeated all of the Rularuu in the caves, removing the threat.

General Hammond

Brillaint work, Red Tomax! Truly genious! Though the Rularuu constantly build their forces against us, as long as heroes such as yourself are able to provide assistance, I feel that my men and Firebase Zulu will be well protected.

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