Project Other Self


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See what you can learn about Crey's efforts

Tina Macintyre

We're a little worried about Crey lately. it seems they've been making attempts to access other dimensions, with sme degree of success. I can't stress this enough, Red Tomax: dimensional stability is not something to be toyed with! We need you to hit the streets and see what you can learn about Crey's efforts. If we can learn about their technology, we may be able to block them from accessing other worlds.

Crey may be the most power-hungry organization I've ever seen. And, as you might imagine, Red Tomax, I've seen a lot. I hear you can find Crey in the Rikti crash site, and occasionally right here on Peregrine.

Part 1: Interrogate Crey agents (Defeat 50 Crey)
Defeat X @ Any Crey

Mission Complete: One of the Crey agents gave up a disk containing information on Crey's efforts to access other dimensions.


One of the Crey agents you defeated gave you this disk, labeled 'Project Other Self'. According to the agent, it contains data on Crey's progress in their efforts to reach alternate dimensions. You can only hope it'll be enough to help Portal Corporation.

Tina Macintyre

This disk should be a big help, Red Tomax. Thank you so much! I have to admit, Crey is an organisation that really frightens me. I simply don't think they have any idea how dangerous portal technology can be. Why, by mucking around in other dimensions they could be... Well, perhaps that's better left unsaid.

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