The Unbanished


Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Adamaster, Monster (Banished Pantheon)

Extract the rebels from the Pantheon's dimension

Tina Macintyre

Are you familiar with the banished Pantheon, the evil cult that overran the cemetery in Dark Astoria? Well, they're not just a problem for our world. I've been in contact with a world in which the gods that make up the Pantheon were never banished to the spirit world. Instead, they became th dominant gods on their planet and wreaked havoc for milennia! The resisters on that planet have asked for a favour. They've asked us to extract a group of captives held by the Pantheon. Will you do it, Xamot Der? You only have 90 minutes to save the captives.

The Pantheon's gods are a brutal, bloodthirsty lot. I'd hate to find out what horrors they could dream up after millennia of free reign.

Part 1: Defeat Adamaster & its servants - 1:30:00 (5 people to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Dark Astoria] @ Peregrine Island [Portal] Banished Pantheon

You hear a thunderous footstep. A pause, then you hear another.

Adamaster [Monster]
For centuries, Adamaster caused havoc and destruction to sailors off the coast of Africa. According to legend, he attacked the sea goddess Thetis and was banished from the oceas forever. Miserable and bereft, Adamaster wandered the Dark Continent seeking mortal prey - until the Banished Pantheon found a use for him in Paragon City.

Mission Complete: You saved the rebels from the Banished Pantheon.

ClueThe captive's story

One of the rebels you rescued from the Banished Pantheon's world told you:

'Our gods live on pain and fear. Some of their favourite dishes, like myself and my companions, they have enchanted with everlasting life. They keep us alive for century after century, feasting on our misery. After I return with you to your world, I won't be immortal anymore. That doesn't matter. I only want to be free.

Tina Macintyre

I feel so sorry for those people. For centuries, they've been the Banished Pantheon's favourite playthings! I'm going to talk to the security branch, see if I can get a steady underground railroad going. We should move as many people out of that dimension as we can!

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