Crey's Incursion


Repel the Crey incursion

Tina Macintyre

Red Tomax, Portal Corporation really needs your help. A group of Crey operatives are attacking a lab in Founders' Falls. They want Portal Corporation's technology, and they're not going to give up without some strong encouragement. That's where you come in. I need you to get over to that lab and repel the Crey incursion. Portal Corporatio'n's technology is far too dangerous for the likes of Crey!

I doubt Crey has any idea how dangerous that tech can be. You've got to stop them from getting their hands on it!

Part 1: Defeat all Crey in lab (3 scientists to save)
Laboratory @ Founders' Falls Crey

Your job is dangerous, but it's better than being a Portal Corporation tech.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Crey incursion and found a clue to their next target.

ClueThe scientist's story

One of the Portal Corporation scientists you rescued told you:

'They said when they were through with us, they were going to go after the Dm-Delta facility on Peregrine Island. I can't tell you what goes on there; it's highly classified. Whta I can tell you is that if you don't stop these Crey forces, they could gain the technology they need to change our world forever!'

Part 2: Defeat all Crey in lab (4 scientists to save)
laboratory @ Peregrine Island

You hear a loud crash and a nasty snicker. A sarcastic voice remarks, 'Whoops'.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Crey forces from stealing Portal Corporation's technology.

Tina Macintyre

Whew, Red Tomax, that was a close one. Crey doesn't even know how close they came to causing a phenomenal disaster! Portal Corporation's technology is still in its infancy, you understand. It's not perfect. Oh, we do our best to minimize the risks of dimensional travel, but we're still on the edge of a new frontier. Accidents are bound to happen.

Hmm. Perhaps I've said too much.

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