Prisoners of Eden


  • CategoryTrial
  • Team Size4 team members required
  • ContactsWoodsman ('Eden')
  • Level Range39 - 41
  • Badge Liberator You have freed the captured heroes, preventing them from becoming devoured.

Notable Foes

  • Mission #3: Quarry, Monster (Devouring Earth)
  • Mission #3: Rock Wall, Arch-Villain (Devouring Earth)
  • Mission #3: Mold Wall, Arch-Villain (Devouring Earth)

Agree to form a task force


Freeing me from the Devouring Earth has slowed the Hamidon's plans, but I fear it has not stopped them. Above all, the Devouring Earth seek the power to bend nature to their will; with me gone, they have sought out other victims. The creatures have taken several heroes with strong ties to nature, and will soon try to devour them. The heroes are held in an underground lair, guarded by a giant Crystal Titan. Those heroes must be rescued. I hope you will aid me in this task. Before you can begin, you must throw the Devouring Earth off balance. Will you strike against the Devouring Earth? Will you put them under the Wild Hunt and leave them reeling and afraid?

Good. Then so begins the Wild Hunt. Stalk them, strike them, hunt them here in their false Eden! This will likely draw them away from their underground prison; then you may creep in and free the captured heroes.

Part 1: Hunt Devouring Earth creatures (Defeat 200 Devouring Earth)
Defeat x @ 'Eden' Devouring Earth

Mission Complete: You have defeated enough of the Devouring Earth to distract them.

Part 2: Speak with the Woodsman
Delivery @ 'Eden'

Now is the time to end the hunt and begin the rescue. I can show you the way, but within the depths of the Devouring Earth's subterranean warrens, you alone must face the terrible hordes. The Hamidon has created a great Crystal Titan in which to house the power he hopes to siphon from the captured heroes. To win you must smach down the walls to the Titan's lair, defeat it, and free the heroes. But be wary. The Hamidon's servants will protect the walls and the Titan itself.

Listen. The Titan's prismatic powers are devastating; but there is a secret. The Greater Devoured beasts that live above the great lake of acid have evolved a defense against te Titan's prismatic powers. It is a gelatinous substance that coats their skin and dampens the worst of the crystal's vibrations. Gather this substance, and it may protect you from the Titan's power. You must hurry! Within four hours, the captive heroes will be no more!

Part 3: Defeat Titan and rescue hostage - 4:00:0 (Break through the rock wall, Break through the mold wall, Bring down the Crystal Titan)
Devouring Earth warren @ 'Eden'

Fearless and determined, you enter the depths of the Devouring Earth's underground labyrinth in search of the captive heroes.

Quarry [Monster]
The greatest of Hamidon's rock beasts, Quarry roams Eden with a single purpose: to destroy any humans who stray inside. It may not be the smartest of Hamidon's followersm but it's certainly among the strongest. More than one hero has met his fate beneath Quarry's stony foot.
Rock Wall [Arch-Villain]
The power of the Devouring Earth seems to have no bound. The very rock face itself has come alive to consume the Earth.
Mold Wall [Arch-Villain]
The power of the Devouring Earth seems to have no bound. The very mold that grows on the rock face has come alive to consume the Earth.

Mission Complete: You have freed the captive heroes before the Hamidon could drain their powers.

Awarded for completing the final mission before the time limit expires.

The threat is ended, and the captives have been freed. Do not grow complacent, though, my young friend. The Devouring Earth hunger for power, and are sure to try again. Should they seek to corrupt nature's power once more, speak with me and I shall aid you.

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