The Revenant Hero Project: A nice addition


Temporary Powers

Crey Narcotic Crey Narcotic
Auto: Self -Recovery, -Speed, -Recharge

Mission Index

Investigate the Crey lab

Janet Kellum

I've got a good lead on a Crey lab that's linked to the Countess' sick Revenant Hero Project. I don't want to get your hopes up, Red Tomax, but my sources tell me Countess Crey herself is a frequent visitor to the lab. If you can find any evidence linking her to that lab, it'll be hard for her to maintain her plausible deniability. I need you to investigate that Crey lab right away. This could be big!

Dirt never seems to stick to the countess. Maybe you can change that.

Part 1: Defeat all forces in lab
Laboratory @ Brickstown Crey

You step through the door and hear an ominous whirr and click, as if a camera had just begun recording.

Objective: One of the Crey agents was carrying a powerful narcotic!

Crey Narcotic Crey Narcotic
Auto: Self -Recovery, -Speed, -Recharge

Mission Complete: You survived the Crey ambush.

Janet Kellum

I guess Countess Crey thought you'd make a nice addition to her Revenant Hero Project. Ugh. At least you made it out of there unscathed. I have to wonder, though. Those Crey agents said something about getting a sample from you? I wonder how much DNA the countess needs to construct her patchwork heroes?

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