Investigate the lost city of Oranbega


Temporary Powers

Sands of Mu Sands of Mu
Melee (Cone), High DoT(Smash/Negative), Foe -ACC

Investigate the lost city of Oranbega

Laura Brunetti

I have a mission for you, but there's a bit of history you should know first. I'm sure that you've tangled with the society of mystics called the Circle of Thorns before, but they have been a plague on this for many, many years. The CIrcle's origins, as far as we know, date back to it's founding by the nefarious Baron Zoria in the 1920's. One of their goals back then was to find the fabled lost city of Oranbega, the 'El Dorado of the east coast'. There were rumours that they found it years ago beneath Paragon City, and have been using it as a base. I need you to investigate the rumours about Oranbega. The Circle are certain to sense you coming, you'll have 1 hour at most before they find a way to stop you.

I've been investigating a possible entrance to Oranbega's outer reaches. The location seems to be a magical laboratory of sorts. It's inner reaches are guarded by wards of protection, so you'll need to disrupt the Circle's enchantments to complete your mission. Once you're there you'll need to recover any artifacts you find and defeat Darsis, the head researcher.

Part 1: Defeat Darsis and his covern - 1:00:00 (4 artifacts left, 2 wards to break)
Cavern @ Skyway City Circle of Thorns

You have made your way through twisting tunnels and past magical wards. You have entered Oranbega, lost city of the Circle of Thorns.

Objective: You have broken the Circle's protection spell.

Objective: You found some strange black sand.

ClueBlack Sand

The bottle of what seems like black volcanic sand has an eerie dark glow around it when held in the light. It's handwritten label is written in English with the words:

'Sands od Mu

Sands of Mu Sands of Mu
Melee (Cone), High DoT(Smash/Negative), Foe -ACC

Objective: You found some strange markings.

ClueUnknown Runes

You copied these mystic runes from an obelisk in the depths of Oranbega. Even these etchins hold a strange power.

Objective: You found an arcane scroll.

ClueTestament of Ermeeth

Words in an unknown language describe the strange tale told by the pictures on this scroll. It shows a radiant being teaching people, fighting with other radiant beings, and finally leading a great exodus of people as they walk along the bottom of the sea.

Objective: Youfound an arcane scroll.

ClueResearch Notes

These notes detail arcane research in a language that you've never seen before. Copious hand drawn diagrams accompany the text, and the dark things they indicate bode ill for the text's actual meaning.

Objective: You found some strange weapons.

ClueCracked Thorn Blades

You gathered these weapons in the depths of Oranbega. They appear to be Thorn Blades, the demonic swords wielded by several ranks of the Circle of Thorns. These blades are dull and cracked, as if they've been left unattended for a long time.

Mission Complete: The lab is destroyed, and the artifacts recovered.

Laura Brunetti

I will make certain that all of the objects you found go to the proper people for study. Your efforts have proven that the Circle now inhabits the lost city of Oranbega. Who would have imagined it? A lost city beneath our feet. Perhaps Baron Zoria himself still rules that forgotten ruin.

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