The Ritual


Temporary Powers

Rune of Warding Rune of Warding
Ranged, Minor DMG(Energy)/Special vs. Fey

Get Skipper some evidence

Skipper LeGrange

Hey, there, Red Tomax! Long time no see. I've been hanging out in Croatoa for some time now, and I guess you could say I've learned a lot about the Fir Bolg. And the Tuatha de Dannan. Only one thing bugs me: no one back home believes me! If you could help me with that, I think I could clue you in on some of the bigger goings on here in Croatoa. What do you say? Care to get me some evidence?

Great. Thanks. Here's a camera; just snap a few pics of the Fir Bolg, and we can get started.

ClueSkipper's camera

This beaten-up Polaroid looks like it's seen better days, but it should be sufficient to capture some pictures of the Fir Bolg.

Part 1: Document New Connaught's monsters (Defeat 10 Fir Bolg)
Defeat X @ Croatoa Fir Bolg

Mission Complete: You got enough pictures of the Fir Bolg.

CluePolaroid snapshots

It's hard to snap greta pics when you're fighting for your life, but these photos aren't half bad. Skipper should have no trouble convincing people of Croatoa's worries now.

Skipper LeGrange

Thanks, Red Tomax, and nice shooting! With these, maybe I can wake a few people up to the danger Croatoa's facing. And maybe they'll take me a little more seriously from now on.

Learn more about the spirit war

Skipper LeGrange

I expect you're aware of the ancient Irish legend about the Fir Bolg and the Tuatha de Dannan. Well, you're in for a treat. The Fir Bolg controlled Ireland for hundreds of years, until the Tuatha arrived. They were big, burly warriors, and they drove out the Fir Bolg, leaving them only the small area of Connaught to themsleves. it seems that ancient enmity never really died. It seems that somehow, the Fir Bolg and the Tuatha have carried their war into the spirit world, and they're still fighting it! If we're going to keep Salamanca safe, we need to know more about their war and what we can do to end it. That's where you come in.

I've located a cave full of Fir Bolg nearby. I need you to get in there and get out, with whatever information you can find.

Part 2: Seek clues in Fir Bolg lair
Tunnels @ Croatoa Fir Bolg

The air down here smells foul and dank.

Objective: You found a large roll of parchment.


This parchment, obviously treasured by the Fir Bolg, tells the story of their emigration from Ireland following the invasion of the Tuatha de Dannan. It reads, in part:

'And so we came to this new land, where we met new friends and found our new home. But an ancient enemy, more fearsome than the Tuatha de Dannan, had followed us. The Red Caps. Our misery is their joy.'

Mission Complete: You have learned some of the Fir Bolg's history.

ClueThe Fir Bolg's Story

One of the Fir Bolg you defeated snarled, "Tell your masters, the Red Caps, that they will never triumph over the spirit of the Fir Bolg! They have kept us trapped in this foul land for centuries, but as long as we maintain our pride, their victory over us is incomplete!".

Skipper LeGrange

This is an ugly story, Red Tomax. Based on what you found, it looks like the Fir Bolg blame the Red Caps for trapping them in the mystical world of Croatoa. Have you had any encounters with the red Caps yet? Well, you'll want to watch out. We're not talking about cute little brownies here, nosiree. The Red Caps are some of the most vicious, deadly creatures I've ever seen. Frankly, I don't blame the Fir Bolg for being afraid of them.

Push the Tuatha out of New Connaught

Skipper LeGrange

The Fir Bolg have been battling the Tuatha de Dannan for centuries, and things haven't gotten any more friendly since the two groups have been trapped in Croatoa together. What's worse, this war is putting all of Salamanca in danger. If you could help push the Tuatha out of New Connaught, it may go a long way toward reducing the violence in the area. Could you do it?

The Tuatha are most often found in New Connaught at night, but there are always a few down by the lake.

Part 3: Repel Tuatha from New Connaught (Defeat 10 Tuatha de Dannan)
Defeat X @ Croatoa Tuatha de Dannan

Mission Complete: You have reduced the violence in New Connaught.

Skipper LeGrange

Thanks, Red Tomax. Hopefully things will quiet down around here for a while. That should give us time to investigate the spell that's drawing Salamanca into the spirit world.

Retrieve the book

Skipper LeGrange

I just got word from Gordon Bower, mayor of Salamanca. Apparently the Fir Bolg have gotten their hands on a book of runes that the Salamancans were using to keep the wrost of the monsters out of the village. They need that book back, and bad. Can you go and retrieve it?

Salamanca houses the Occult Studies annex for Paragon City University. It's a good thing they had a few mystical artifacts on hand when their village started to be drawn into Croatoa.

Part 4: Retrieve the book of runes
Tunnels @ Croatoa Fir Bolg

It's a pity that the Fir Bolg have to make their homes in these pitiful caves. After all, they were people once.

Objective: You have found the book of runes.

Mission Complete: Missing in-game

Part 5: Take book to Gordon Bower
Delivery @ Croatoa
Gordon Bower

Thanks, Red Tomax. Without small objects of power like this one, I'm afraid Salamanca would be entirely overrun. As a hero of Salamanca, you should have the protection of these spells. Here, study the Rune of Warding. The knowledge of the Rune will fade in time, but for a few days, it will help to keep you safe.

Rune of Warding Rune of Warding
Ranged, Minor DMG(Energy)/Special vs. Fey
Skipper LeGrange

Thanks for retrieving that book, Red Tomax. You're giving Salamanca a fighting chance against the darkness.

Stop the battle

Skipper LeGrange

I've learned of a big battle between the Fir Bolg and the Tuatha. The more voilence in Croatoa, the more dnager all of the village people are in. That means I need you to stop that battle. Think you're up to it?

To stop the violence, you'll need to defeat every last creature in that cave. Be on your guard, Red Tomax. Things can get tricky in close quarters.

Part 6: Defeat all creatures in cave
Tunnels @ Croatoa Tuatha de Dannan,Fir Bolg

The sounds of desperate combat ring through these caverns.

Objective: One of the Fir Bolg you defeated snarled, 'Our eternal struggle will not cease!'

ClueThe War of the Fir Bolg

One of the Fir Bolg you defeated snarled, 'Our eternal struggle will not cease! You cannot stop our battle, any more than our own deaths can. Defeat us, and we will rise again, to carry on our immortal war for all time to come!'

Mission Complete: You stopped the battle!

Skipper LeGrange

The Fir Bolg said that their dead warriors rise again to continue their war forever? Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Common theme in folklore: eternal bloodshed, war without end, etc. But I have to admit I feel... well, sad for them. They've been locked in combat all these years, and not even death can still their rage. Red Tomax, Croatoa is a dark and horrible place. I'm finally beginning to get that through my head.

Stop the ritual

Skipper LeGrange

Red Tomax, we're in big trouble. All this battling between the Fir Bolg and the Tuatha has finally come to a head! The Fir Bolg have prepared an elaborate ceremony, one with roots dating back to the 1400's. It's very complex. It's... well, it's going to right now! The Fir Bolg plan to push the Tuatha out of Croatoa entirely. Only trouble is, they'll be pushed out into the nearest location in the real world: Salamanca. If we don't stop that ritual, Salamanca will be overrun with more Tuatha than you and I have ever seen!

The Fir Bolg ceremony is taking place in the spirit world. You'll have to go there to stop it; fortunately, you're dealing with an expert.

The ceremony hinges on a big post and lintel doorway in New Connaught. As the Fir Bolg enter the doorway, they disrupt the seperation bewteen the real world an dthe spirit world, thus making it possible for them ot eject the Tuatha into our reality. Once 30 Fir Bolg enter the doorway, the process is irreversible. So you've got to stop them from getting through!

Part 7: Stop 30 Fir Bolg entering door
Instanced Outdoor [Croatoa] @ Croatoa

You hear a hundred guttural voices lifted up in a foreign chant.

Mission Complete: You prevented the Fir Bolg from expelling the Tuatha from Croatoa!

Skipper LeGrange

Whew, that was a close one, Red Tomax. Good work. Good work and good-bye. This latest crisis has made me realize we can't keep fighting this war battle by battle; we've got to get to the heart of this war and stop it for good. And for that, I think you'll have to look up a new friend of mine. She's not like other people you've met -- at least, I imagine not! Anyway, you'll find her in the Misty Wood. Treat her well, Red Tomax. She's had a lot of tough luck.

Chick I know would like to meet you. Well, not a chick, exactly. It's complicated.

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