The Rule of Three


  • CategoryTask Force
  • Team Size3 team members required
  • ContactsPositron (Steel Canyon)
  • Level Range10 - 15
  • Badge Positron's Ally Positron has awarded you this medal in recognition of services performed for him.

Test your mettle


I've been hearing a lot about you youngsters lately. Your contacts have put the word on the street that you are all forces to be reckoned with. I'm sure that by banding together, you can really put a dent in the crime here in Paragon City

Statesman has asked me to test out the new groups to see if they are ready to take on bigger and tougher challenges. Are you ready to test your mettle?

Glad to hear it. You're going to need a name I can refer to you by, let's use Task Force Photon, shall we?

Recently the Vahzilok tried to poison the water of paragon city. I've done a little recon in the area, and I came across a nest of Vahzilok lead by an Eidolon called Epidural. I was planning on taking it out, but since you're here. I'll let you have the honors. If you find any evidence that they are planning to revamp their poisoning plot, let me know immediately.

Part 1: Defeat epidural and guards (Find any evidence)
Sewer @ 'Boomtown' Circle of Thorns,Vahzilok,Clockwork

Objective: You have recovered a sample of the chemical.

ClueVahzilok chemical

You took this sample from a barrel of chemicals in a Vahzilok lair. Positron's analysis can tell you whether it is poisonous.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Epidural and recovered a clue to the Vahzilok's next plot.


Wow, that was a great job. I watched you via one of my remote cameras; you all work really well as a team. I think I can trust Task Force Atomic with some further missions. Now, let's have a look at that sample.

I guess you really know your stuff, Task Force Photon.

Save the FEMA workers


I must say, I'm impressed with how you've handled the work I've given you. Teamwork is really your strong suit. In fact, I think you're ready for another challenge! States just radioed with a crisis. The Circle of Thorns are attacking the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Skyway City. I need a group to save the FEMA workers. Can you help us?

Great. I hear the leader of these mystics is named Rollister. Your priority is to take him out of commission.

Part 2: Defeat Rollister and his cadre (3 workers to rescue)
Office @ Skyway City

You've heard a lot of horrifying rumors about what the Circle does to its victims.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Circle of Thorns and rescued the FEMA workers.


I'm afraid I have no idea why the circle is intereste din the dam. But it sounds like something we had better investigate!

Find a piece of Clockwork that is still functioning


Thank you for all your hard work. Up for another test? You've really proven yourself as a team, and I think I can give you a tougher mission. I have examined the Clockwork pieces at DATA and SERAPH, and I've made some interesting discoveries. But I need to know more. Can you find me a piece of Clockwork that is still functioning? No one has been able to recover a piece like that.

I scanned the area, and I found an abandoned warehouse that's infested with Clockwork.

Part 3: Defeat all Clockwork in office (Recover working Clockwork piece)
Abandoned office

The grinding of Clockwork gears is almost deafening. It seems you have stumbled onto a major operation.


You didn't find the working piece, eh? That's a disappointment, but this unusual part you found more than makes up for it. I'd like to examine this; it isn't like anything I've seen the Clockwork King use.

You are all doing wonderfully. You have exceeded my expectations. You even managed to impress the Back Alley Brawler.

Track down the Clockwork minion


I was out fighting the Clockwork earlier, and I planted a homing tracer on one that I allowed to get away. Can you track down that Clockwork minion? I want to learn more about the strange mechanical part you found in that Clockwork den.

There seems to be an increase in the Clockwork population. I'm beginning to worry that the Clockwork king has big plans.

Part 7: Stop robot boss and its guards (Investigate Clockwork plans)
Warehouse @ Steel Canyon

From the sound of the machinery, this is a major assembly operation.


What are the Clockwork doing with these plans? I wonder if this has anything to do with those parts you recovered in your last Clockwork mission. I'll have to look into this further. Oh, by the way, you have attracted Numina's attention. She would like to work with you when your Security Levels are high enough.

Well, you have passed every test I could think of. You showed me you work well as a team and can adequately cover each other's weakness. Good work.

Check out the Circle of Thorns hideout


Ok, Task Force Photon, listen up. I know that ever since I sent you against the Circle of Thorns at the FEMA office , you've been dying to find out why those mystics are so interested in the Paragon City Dam. Well, you might just get your chance to find out.

MAGI just contacted me; come of their mystics have divined the location of the Book of T'Jer'imikanu. According to MAGI, it's a really powerful spell book. Their visions indicated that it was in the possession on the Circle of Thorns. I made a pass just now with my ground penetrating radar and discovered a cave that would be an ideal Circle hideout. I need you guys to check out that Circle of Thorns hideout.

If you find the book of T'Gerima... T'Geruni... the magic book, be really careful with it. It's the only known copy. It was thought to be destroyed in the Chicago fire of 1871.

Part 5: Stop chief mage and his guards
Cavern @ Skyway City

Positron's directions are flawless. You've already caught sight of several Circle of Thorns acolytes.


Great, you got the book back. Excellent job. You should take it over to Azuria at the MAGI office in City Hall. She can probably figure out why the Circle wanted it so badly.

Part 6: Take the book to Azuria
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park

Thank you all. I will have my translators examine the book and report their discoveries to Positron. It shouldn't take long; he should have something for you by the time you get back to him.


Numina just contacted me mentally. Man, I don't think I will ever get used to that! Anyway, she translated that book for Azuria. The text describes a ritual for gaining great power that can only be performed during a storm. Or, as the book has it, at 'a conflux of lightning and rain.' The larger the conflux, the more effective the ritual. Numina is still examining the book. She'll contact me if she discovers another clue to the Circle's plans.

Check out the fake company


Well, I analyzed that chemical you found in the Vahzilok nest. It turns out it's a complex bonded molecular compound with twisted valences. Very high tech stuff. I was intrigued by their ability to... oh, sorry. Ok, here's some information you can use now. One of the chemicals in the compound was polyfluidic morscarpium. Pretty specialised. Only two distributors in the area even make it. I checked their shipments for the past couple weeks, and traced one to a company in Skyway that doesn't exist. Will you check out the fake company?

The name on the lease is Dr. Morben. I'd like you to arrest him, if you can.

Part 4: Stop Dr. Morben and his minions (Recover any evidence)
Abandoned office @ Skyway City

A chemical odor burns your nasal passage, but not thoroughly enough to make you immne to the stink of the Vahzilok.


Ok, this blood sample is a great step forward. Perhaps I can work out a counter-agent to the Vahzilok poison before it ever gets out.

Well, you have passed every test I could think of. You showed me you work well as a team and can adequately cover each other's weakness. Good work.

Evildoers are beginning to fear Task Force Photon.

Part 10: Stop zombie boss and his guards (Destroy vahzilok lab, Recover evidence)
Abandoned office @ Skyway City

The Vahzilok have turned what was once a place of business into an abattoir of horror.

Objective: You found blueprints to the Paragon City Dam.

ClueDam blueprint

This blueprint of the Paragon City Dam was found in the possession of the Vahzilok. It indicates their intention to poison the reservoir.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Vahzilok and recovered soem evidenc.


You found dam blueprints in the Vahzilok office? They must plan to introduce their poison directly into the water supply, probably at the water treatment centre! Three groups, all setting up operations at the Paragon City Dam at the same time. Its a good thing we have heroes like Task Force Photon around!

Find the Clockwork's base of operations


Based on the data you've collected, it sounds like the Clockwork are planning to blow up the Paragon City dam! Task Force Photon, I need you to find the Clockwork's base of operations. I built this crude scanning device to help you out. It's really just a modified metal detector; it looks for large concentrations of metal with no detectable energy signature. If you carry it while you run a patrol in Perez Park, it should be able to triangulate the nearest nest of Clockwork minions.

When you have enough data, the device will triangulate the source and alert you.

ClueClockwork scanning device

Positron built this device to find the Clockwork. He called it crude, but to you it looks quite remarkable.

Part 11: Patrol Perez Park (Visit 3 locations)
Patrol @ Perez Park

Mission Complete: Bepp beep beep beep beep beep

Part 9: See Azuria in Atlas Park
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park

I'm glad you're here. Numina has some information for you.

A voice in your mind says:

'Great heroes, I, Numina, have translated the book you recovered from the Circle of Thorns. It speaks of a ritual that transfers energy of lightning storm to those who perform it. The text implies that the larger the conflux of lightning and rain, the more powerful the ritual will be. I have contacted agents of Ignis, the Entity of Travel, who governs the weather. There are no storms of a proper magnitude approaching Paragon City in the foreseeable future. We may be safe for a time, but you must be watchful. The Circle may have had the book long enough to transcribe a copy.'


Yeah, Numina had me in on the mental link, and I had a troubling thought. What if this conflux of rain and lightning was boiled down to it's elements! What is rain! Water. What is lightening? Electricity. And what's the biggest conflux of water and electricity in Paragon City? That's right, the dam. The same dam the Clockwork have plans for. I dont think they are working with the Circle of Thorns. In fact, I shudder to think what might happen if they learned of one another's plans.

Anyway, I talked to the manager of the company that sold the Vahzilok the polyfluidic morscarpium for their poison. He just got another order for it. I told him that since Task Force Photon took the Vahzilok down the first time, Task Force Photon could do it again. Here's the address of the company that ordered the chemical

Collect info for Positron


Glad to see you, Task Force Photon! We've got a lot of balls in the air, huh? The Vahzilok poison, the Clockwork's interest in the paragon City Dam, and the Circle's strange ritual of power. I just need you to collect a little more info for me.

I gave that wierd piece you found in the Clockwork hideout to Paula Dempsey over in Kings Row. I'd like you to talk to her about it. While you're there, please drop off this data disc I've burned for her.

After that, pop by the MAGI office in City Hall and talk to Azuria. She and Numina have a theory about the ritual the Cirle of Thorns was investigating.

I should have more in the Vahzilok poison when you get back.

Part 8: See Paula Dempsey in Kings Row
Delivery @ Kings Row
Paula Dempsey

Hey hey, it's Task Force Photon! Tell Posi I've figured out the origin of the part you found in that Clockwork den. It's a modified support structure used in large sacale construction projects. When he mentioned the dam blueprints you found, the pieces started coming together. The dam uses support structures exactly like these! If this piece was outfitted with an explosive and placed in the dam, the destruction would be catastrophic. All of Faultline would be flooded, and Paragon Ciy would be without power for weeks. Take this piece back to Posi, and tell him i've done everythign I could.

Part 12: Defeat all villians in office (Search for clues)
Office @ Perez Park

You hear the familiar sound of Clockwork but the smell of decaying flesh is what really grabs your attention.

Objective: You find a set of bluepritns labelled 'Dam Substation 7'.

ClueSubstation 7 blueprint

This blueprint indicates that the Vahzilok plan to introduce their poison to the Paragon City water supply at this substation.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the villains and recovered some evidence.


So it wasn't a Clockwork hideout, but a Vahzilok base under attack? The Clockwork King must have learned that the Vahzilok are also interested in the dam, and I guess he isn't too happy about it. If this conflict spills over into the streets, it would be a disaster for paragon City

Let me see if there is more I can uncover. The location of a Cirlce of Thorns base would be a big help to us.

Check out possible Circle of Thorns hideout


I just did a quick scan with my ground penetrating radar. I need you to check out a possible Circle of Thorns hideout. We've got to find out whether the Circle realises that the ritual they plan to perform at the dam may be interrupted by the Clockwork and the Vahzilok.

I'll be monitoring you via radio throughout the mission.

Part 13: Defeat all mystics in base
Office @ Perez Park

The smell of burning candles hangs in the air, along with another odour. You breathe in deeply. Axle grease?

Mission Complete:

Positron to Task Force Photon, can you hear me? Good job, you took those guys down hard. It looks like these villains are really going for each other's throats. I want you to get over to sewer junction 8B right now so the battle between the Circle and

Part 14: Defeat all villains in sewer
Sewer @ 'Boomtown'

The sad remnant of a failed Vahzilok experiment floats by in the sludge.

Mission Complete:

Positron here. Good job, guys.


Looks like all these groups are aware of one another's interest in the dam. they might move up their individual time tables.

Protect the substation


Well, your last two missions proved that the Circle, Clockwork, and Vahzilok each know of one another's plans for the Paragon City Dam. And it looks like I was right about them moving up their schedules! I just got a call from the dam substation, and they are reporting attacks by the Clockwork, the Circle of Thorns, and the Vahzilok! Not only that, but the villians are attacking each other as well! It's chaos in there. I need you to protect the substation while I coordinate Freedom Phalanx's response.

I will be here trying to contact Statesman and the rest of Freedom Phalanx. You go do what you can.

Part 15: Defeat all villains in substation
Laboratory @ Perez Park

Twisted metal arms lie on the floor along with the still-quivering remains of Vahzilok zombies.

Positron's Ally
Awarded for completing the final mission of the Task Force.

Wow. That's all I can say. You sure earned your strips today! In one epic battle, you thwarted three different plots to take over Paragon City Dam. To say I am impressed would be putting it mildly.

You have done a wonderful job working as a team, Task Force Photon. I must ask you to keep your eye on the Paragon City Dam in the future. If a villain ever succeeded in sabotaging or destroying it, I'm not sure Paragon Cty could recover.

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