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Stories featuring this faction

Level Mission Information
20 - 24 HeroMinor Story Arc Heracles Shut the Council down Stephanie Peebles (Striga Isle)Wedding Band
20 - 25 HeroStory Arc The Wheel of Destruction Stop the warriors from stealing the museum's artifacts FlashBackOliver Hoak (Talos Island)Empowered Piece of the WheelEmpowered Shard of the WheelEmpowered Linchpin of the WheelEmpowered Center of the Wheel
25 - 30 VillainOther The Book, the Circle & the Warriors Steal a book from the Legacy Chain Diviner Maros (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 30 HeroAccomplishment Badge The Redemption of Alexander 'the Great' Go talk with Alexander, and do whatever you can to bring him into protective custody FlashBackLaurie Pennington (Independence Port)Redeemer



This tough Warrior has stolen Stephanie Peebles' wedding band. It would mean a lot to her if you could get it back.

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