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The fact that the Rikti Invasion is over for the time being does not mean that the other-dimensional invaders are cleansed from the city. In fact, quite the opposite is true. No one knows for sure how many Rikti still lurk beneath the streets of Paragon City and other great battleground cities like Rome and Kuala Lumpur. Some estimates put the number at a few thousand. Others suggest that there are ten or twenty times that many still menacing the planet. While the danger of total worldwide enslavement to an alien race seems to have passed for the time being, the Rikti still present a daily and ever-growing threat.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Mission Information
20 - 50 HeroCostume Earn a cape Earn a Cape City Representative (Atlas Park)
25 - 29 HeroOther Brandon Bradley Check the research facility and make certain that Dr. Bradley and his people are safe Christine Lansdale (Independence Port)
25 - 29 HeroOther Prevent Crey Chaos Stop the Lost attack Eliza Thorpe (Talos Island)
25 - 30 VillainMajor Story Arc Midnight Draws Near Clear out the Midnight Squad Darrin Wade (Sharkhead Isle)Midnight Visage
25 - 50 HeroMinor Story Arc The Ouroboros Initiation Join Ouroboros The Pilgrim (Ouroboros)
30 - 35 HeroAccomplishment Badge Defend the War Walls Prevent the Rikti from destroying the force fields that protect the city FlashBackPhilipa Meraux (Founders' Falls)War Wall Defender
30 - 35 VillainAccomplishment Badge Eliminate Kit'Vul Eliminate Kit'Vul Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)Exterminator
30 - 35 VillainStory Arc Nictus Dissection Salvage Rikti tech FlashBackPsymon Omega (Nerva Archipelago)Void Hunter Rifle
30 - 35 VillainMinor Story Arc Strange Memories Wipe out the Rikti Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)
30 - 36 HeroTask Force A Mind in Danger Agree to form a task force Calvin Scott (Independence Port)
30 - 40 HeroContact Store Mission Rescue Senator Dybalski Follow up on Holsten's claim that Senator Dybalski has been kidnapped by Rikti Holsten Armitage (Brickstown)
30 - 50 HeroCostume Gain better control of your powers Gain better control of your powers City Representative (Atlas Park)
35 - 40 HeroStory Arc The Organ Grinders FlashBackSteven Sheridan (Brickstown)
38 - 40 HeroTrial Descent to the Hydra Defeat 150 Rikti to show Maren you're up to the task Maren MacGregor (Founders' Falls)Thermite CannonParticle CannonHead of the HydraCharmer
40 - 45 HeroOther Bad Mojo Find out what's going on at the Crey facility Janet Kellum (Founders' Falls)
40 - 45 HeroStory Arc Division: Line Stop the Rikti experiment and the battle on the street FlashBackAngus McQueen (Founders' Falls)
40 - 45 VillainMinor Story Arc Kuhr'Rekt Diplomacy Steal Rikti weapons from the Council Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt (Grandville)Rikti Drone
40 - 45 HeroOther Maintaining Safety Go to Peregrine Island and clear out the Rikti Tina Macintyre (Peregrine Island)
40 - 45 VillainOther Psychic Disturbance Find source of psychic disturbance Regent Korol (Grandville)
40 - 50 HeroContact Store Mission Disable the field stabilizers Go to alternate dimension and disable devices Ghost Falcon (Peregrine Island)
44 - 50 HeroTrial Terra Volta: Rikti Agree to form a task force Major Richard Flagg (Rikti Crash Site)TransmogrifiedAwarded the Freedom Cross
44 - 50 HeroTask Force The Saga of Lanaru Agree to form a task force Faathim the Kind (The Chantry)Slayer of Madness
45 - 50 HeroOther Malaise & the Rikti Stop the battle between Malaise and the Rikti Maria Jenkins (Peregrine Island)
45 - 50 HeroAccomplishment Badge Rescue C'Kelkah Find out about the Malta Group/Rikti situation from Indigo FlashBackCrimson (Peregrine Island)Bodyguard


Chief Mesmerist

The Rikti battle armour is more advanced than any armour found on Earth. It offers the alien invaders protection from most normal kinds of physical attack. Armed with powerful energy weapons, these armoured soldiers continue to pose a deadly threat to humans everywhere.

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