Malta Operatives

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Secrets within secrets. Black helicopters and balaclavas. Shadowy agencies with limitless slush funds, and black-hearted agents with licenses to kill. Hushed conversations on internet chat-rooms that mysteriously vanish. Men in black with blank identities, and deadly women with a dozen passports. A high-tech paramilitary force divided into clandestine cells and dispersed around the globe -- this is the Malta Group.

Stories featuring this faction

Level Mission Information
40 - 45 HeroOther Defend Peregrine Defend Peregrine from Malta Tina Macintyre (Peregrine Island)
40 - 45 HeroStory Arc Melvin and the Mysterious Malta Group Rescue Indigo's anonymous contact FlashBackIndigo (Founders' Falls)
40 - 45 HeroOther Tau Gamma 9-24 Save the Oranbegans from the Malta Group Tina Macintyre (Peregrine Island)
45 - 50 VillainOther Malta Report Help Television learn about the Malta Group Television (Grandville)
45 - 50 HeroStory Arc Project: World Wide Red Find out why a Chinese ambassador would have a Malta Group gunslinger as his bodyguard FlashBackCrimson (Peregrine Island)Master/Mistress of Olympus
45 - 50 HeroAccomplishment Badge Rescue C'Kelkah Find out about the Malta Group/Rikti situation from Indigo FlashBackCrimson (Peregrine Island)Bodyguard
45 - 50 HeroOther The Return of Nemesis Investigate what the Malta Group and the Nemesis Army are talking about Crimson (Peregrine Island)
45 - 50 VillainMinor Story Arc The TV Report Watch more Television Television (Grandville)


The Slinger

Slinger is one of Malta's engineering geniuses, with excellent knowledge of advanced robotics and weapons. Some suspect he had a direct hand in the development of the infamous Titan robots.

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