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Stories featuring this faction

Level Mission Information
15 - 19 HeroKheldian Story Arc Shadow Science Find the Council escapee Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
38 - 40 HeroTrial Descent to the Hydra Defeat 150 Rikti to show Maren you're up to the task Maren MacGregor (Founders' Falls)Thermite CannonParticle CannonHead of the HydraCharmer
40 - 45 HeroOther The Hydra Dimension Go to the Hydra's dimension and learn anything you can Tina Macintyre (Peregrine Island)Multidimensional



The alien Rikti created the Hydra to guard their secret bases beneath the city. It seems programmed to attack anything that isn't Rikti. Heroes must stop this creature from growing any larger and threatening the city as a whole.

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