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Where there is smoke, there is always fire, at least as far as a Hellion is concerned. The Hellions are a relatively new gang on the streets of Paragon City, whose ranks have swollen recently to tremendous levels. Their arsonist tendencies threaten to burn the city down, leaving them only rubble and ash in which to wallow – some say that’s exactly what the Hellions would want.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Mission Information
1 - 4 HeroPCPD Security Detail Atlas Park Security Detail Talk to the Security Chief Rick Davies (Atlas Park)Antonio Nash (Atlas Park)Azuria (Atlas Park)Jonathan Smythe (Atlas Park)Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 4 HeroPCPD Security Detail Galaxy City Security Detail Talk to the Security Chief Prince Kiros Nandelu (Galaxy City)Gregor Richardson (Galaxy City)Caitlin Murray (Galaxy City)Rebecca Brinell (Galaxy City)Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)
1 - 8 VillainOther Arson at Arachnos Defeat all Hellions in base Mongoose (Mercy Island)
1 - 8 VillainOther Kidnap homeless people for medical experiments Kidnap homeless people from warehouse Doctor Creed (Mercy Island)
5 - 9 HeroSafeguard Protect Atlas Park Bank Protect Atlas Park Bank Detective Becktrees (Kings Row)Detective Freitag (Kings Row)Heart of the City
5 - 9 VillainMayhem Mission Rob Atlas Park Bank Rob Atlas Park Bank Mikey the Ear (Port Oakes)Raptor PackGlobal Threat
5 - 9 HeroKheldian Story Arc The Peace Killers Find the source of the quantum array weapons Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
5 - 10 HeroOther Gang Warfare Break up the gang fight Juan Jimenez (Kings Row)
5 - 10 HeroOther Revenant Arrest Revenant Genevieve Sanders (Kings Row)
5 - 10 VillainStory Arc The Book and the Burning Steal the book for Bocor FlashBackMr. Bocor (Port Oakes)
5 - 10 HeroOther The Helm of Lim'phur Hit the streets and wrest some artifacts from the Hellions Genevieve Sanders (Kings Row)
6 - 10 VillainMinor Story Arc Give 'em Hellion Defeat all Hellions Billie Heck (Port Oakes)Summoning Amulet
6 - 10 VillainStory Arc Last Man Standing Talk with Emil Marcone FlashBackBillie Heck (Port Oakes)
10 - 14 HeroOther Hellions/Outcast connections Find out more about the Hellions' connection to the Outcasts by finding a Helion who will talk Hugo Redding (Steel Canyon)
10 - 14 HeroOther Take back some territory from the Hellions Go to Perez Park and take back some territory from the Hellions Hugo Redding (Steel Canyon)
10 - 14 HeroOther The Alternative Clear the Hellions out of The Alternative Hugo Redding (Steel Canyon)
10 - 14 HeroStory Arc The Bonefire Plot Stop the gang war FlashBackLorenzo DiCosta (Skyway City)
15 - 19 HeroOther The Outcast Artifact Auction Interrogate some Outcasts on the street Pavel Garnier (Skyway City)Ring of PainScroll of Ruin


'Duke' Mordrogar

The Hellions are at the bottom of the heap, even in Paragon City. But every so often, one of them displays some real power. The self-styled 'Duke Mordrogar' is one of the few Hellions who display some level of real poweer even without making an unfavourable contract with a demon. This has given him an inflated ego, and an ambitious drive.

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