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Stories featuring this faction

Level Mission Information
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc Apt Pupil Help Number 204 FlashBackNumber 204 (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainMinor Story Arc Arachnoid Appetizers Defeat all Arachnos in lab Terrence Dobbs (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther Arachnoid Nest Eradicate nearby Arachnoids Westin Phipps (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther Arachoid Invasion Stop Arachnoid Invasion Terrence Dobbs (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc Building a Better Vermin Cull Arachnoids in Gutter FlashBackTerrence Dobbs (Grandville)Arachnoid Gas
40 - 45 VillainOther Charlie Biggs: Rival Exterminator Take down rival exterminator Terrence Dobbs (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther Runaway Arachnoids Exerminate runaway Arachnoids Terrence Dobbs (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainMinor Story Arc The Arachnoid Cure Clear out Arachnoid tunnels Terrence Dobbs (Grandville)
45 - 50 VillainMinor Story Arc The TV Report Watch more Television Television (Grandville)



Biff is an intelligent Arachnoid, much different than the savage variety typically found in the Gutter of Grandville. He is attempting to find a cure for the Arachnoid condition.

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