Penny Preston

Penny Preston

Mutant Store (level 30 to 40) in Founders' Falls

Penny Preston is a lot of things: Straight A student, child prodigy, mutant. Penny wants to be like a normal teenager, but that is simply impossible based on how gifted she is. Her mutant power is a rare gift indeed, she has the power to unlock the potential found in other mutants. She can improve upon their natural powers by simply willing them to evolve. Doctors are astounded by this ability, and villain groups would love to get their hands on her, but so far she has stayed one step ahead of them, mostly through the help of mutant heroes she has evolved.

Level Mission Information
30 - 40 HeroContact Store Mission #1 Protect Penny from the Devouring Earth Protect Penny from the Devouring Earth Penny Preston (Founders' Falls)

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