Wetwork agent (level 45 to 50) in Peregrine Island

If Indigo is the velvet glove then the agent code named Crimson is the steel fist. His heightened senses help him follow the trails that his partner scouts and then his skill with weapons covers the rest. He is totally committed to ending the threat presented by the Malta group.

Level Mission Information
45 - 50 HeroStory Arc Other Project: World Wide Red Find out why a Chinese ambassador would have a Malta Group gunslinger as his bodyguard FlashBackCrimson (Peregrine Island)Master/Mistress of Olympus
45 - 50 HeroAccomplishment Badge Other Rescue C'Kelkah Find out about the Malta Group/Rikti situation from Indigo FlashBackCrimson (Peregrine Island)Bodyguard
45 - 50 HeroOther Other The Return of Nemesis Investigate what the Malta Group and the Nemesis Army are talking about Crimson (Peregrine Island)

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