Holsten Armitage

Holsten Armitage

Science Store (level 30 to 40) in Brickstown

Holsten Armitage is one of two things: brilliant or insane. He claims he is from Paragon City, 20 years in the future. A future he says where the Rikti have invaded Earth and destroyed all of mankind. He was working on a time-travel device when the final attack happened, and gathered what he could and sent himself back to present day Paragon City, where he could warn the Heroes of the impending doom, and use his scientific knowledge from the future to better outfit them against the threat. Whether he is telling the truth or delusional, one thing is certain, his experiments have enabled science-based heroes to greatly improve their powers and abilities.

Level Mission Information
30 - 40 HeroContact Store Mission #1 Rescue Senator Dybalski Follow up on Holsten's claim that Senator Dybalski has been kidnapped by Rikti Holsten Armitage (Brickstown)

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