David Wincott

David Wincott

Policeman (level 5 to 10) in 'The Hollows'

Lieutenant David Wincott was just a beat cop with a nine to five shift until his son, Sam, was kidnapped by the Trolls four years ago. Now, he's a man with a mission. After the kidnapping, Wincott asked to be reassigned to the Paragon City Trolls Task FOrce. It's a dangerous job that's cost many of his comrades their lives, but to Wincott, the risk is worth it. Athough his friends keep telling him to make his peace with the past, Wincott's never stopped hoping that one day he'll be reunited with his son.

Level Mission Information
5 - 15 HeroMinor Story Arc Other Officer Wincott vs. the Trolls Hit the streets and put the hurt on the Outcasts FlashBackDavid Wincott ('The Hollows')

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