Mender Lazarus

Mender Lazarus

Mender of the Ouroboros (level 30 to 39) in Ouroboros

Mender Lazarus is a time traveler who lost his sense of continuity long ago. He's from the time 7740 AD and in an attempt to find the ideal temporal node to effect the greatest change, Lazarus has sacrificed some of himself. Of all the Ouroboros, he has time traveled the most, but does not doubt or regret his decision to do so. He is still a brilliant scientist and historian, even though his sense of cause and effect might be reversed.

He's often distracted by phantom visions of possibility, prone to ramble off facts that aren't yet true or events that never actually happened. Mender Lazarus is so close to the edge of his time tether, that he can practically SEE the abyss. To prevent complete insanity, Lazarus wears protective oculars of Mender Silos' design to help filter out the shadow possibilities.

Level Mission Information
30 - 39 HeroFlashback #1 The 5th Column Overthrow Agree to form a task force Mender Lazarus (Ouroboros)

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