Agent G

Agent G

Special Agent (level 20 to 25) in Faultline

In the dark world of meta-human covert operations, Longbow's standard agents become a liability. To address this concern, Longbow identified those agents most suited for the job, and had them trained by the best in the fields of counter-intelligence and espionage. Agent G is one of the first of this new breed. Personally trained by Agent Indigo and Agent Crimson, Agent G now fights against the forces of evil in the shadowy world of counter-espionage. His background, personal history, and identity have been hidden or erased to protect him and his work.

Level Mission Information
20 - 24 HeroMinor Story Arc #1 A Faultline in the Sands of Time Steal stolen Arachnos codes Agent G (Faultline)Arachnos Disguise

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