Penelope Yin

Penelope Yin

Trouble-prone Teenager (level 15 to 20) in Faultline

The daughter of Wu Yin, owner of Yin's Market, Penelope Yin is a normal girl with a penchant for having strange things occur around her. Many of the heroes who had their bases in Overbrook prior to it's destruction had tales of strange things happening shortly after 'Perilous Penelope' swooped by on her scooter to drop off a delivery from her father's store. Now that the city has begun reconstruction in Faultline, Penelope returned with her father to help re-open Yin's Market. Shortly after their arrival, the local Clockwork began to protect Penelope from danger. No one knows why the Clockwork keep their silent vigil over her safety, and the Clockwork King has issued no announcements on the subject.

Level Mission Information
15 - 20 HeroMinor Story Arc #1 I lost my Daddy! Help Doc Delilah FlashBackPenelope Yin (Faultline)Rescuer

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