Co-Leader of the Vanguard Shield Division (level 35 to 50) in Rikti War Zone

Borea and her twin sister Levantera together lead the Shield, the division of Vanguard tasked with protecting the city and its people from the Rikti. The two sisters are both extremely capable fighters, and are the chosen Champions of the Order of the Four Winds. However, the sisters rarely see eye-to-eye with each other, and often argue over the best methods to accomplish their goals. Borea tends to believe in a protective strategy, concentrating on defending the city and its citizens over aggressive pre-emptive attacks. After all, if your enemy has destroyed what you were protecting, then any victory is meaningless.

Level Mission Information
35 - 50 Hero & VillainOther #1 Prove yourself Prove yourself to Borea Borea (Rikti War Zone)
35 - 50 Hero & VillainOther #2 A Captured Soldier Agree to rescue captured soldier Borea (Rikti War Zone)
35 - 50 Hero & VillainOther #3 Go after the Rikti leader regrouping his forces Go after the Rikti Leader regrouping his forces Borea (Rikti War Zone)
35 - 50 Hero & VillainOther #4 Face Nemesis' Forces in the Rikti War Zone Face Nemesis' forces in the Rikti War Zone Borea (Rikti War Zone)

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