Dark Watcher

Dark Watcher

Mysterious Man in Black (level 40 to 50) in Rikti War Zone

Many rumors swirl around the Dark Watcher. Some claim that he's a federal agent who learned too much and went renegade. Others say he's an immortal being who walks the treacherous path between worlds under his own power. Still others say that he is not a human being at all. Whatever the truth, he has appeared time and again to help the heroes of Earth fend off enemies ranging from the Rikti to the Rularuu. Normally, he disappears after his job is done, but for reasons unknown he has stayed with Vanguard since the group's inception, acting as Lady Grey's loyal advisor.

Level Mission Information
45 - 50 Hero & VillainMinor Story Arc #1 The Horror of War Bring in Nemesis Defector FlashBackDark Watcher (Rikti War Zone)

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