Co-Leader of the Vanguard Shield Division (level 35 to 50) in Rikti War Zone

Levantera and her twin sister Borea lead the Shield, the division of Vanguard tasked with protecting the city and its people from the Rikti. The two sisters are both extremely capable fighters, and are the chosen Champions of the Order of the Four Winds. However, the sisters rarely see eye-to-eye with each other, and often argue over the best methods to accompish their goals. While Levantera likes to cultivate a more cultured appearance than her sister, she's also the more offensively-minded of the two. She believes that the best kind of counter-attack is a pre-emptive one. After all, if your enemies are all dead, then they can't hurt your friends.

Level Mission Information
35 - 50 Hero & VillainMinor Story Arc #1 The Vanguard Volunteer Join the Vanguard Levantera (Rikti War Zone)Member of Vanguard
35 - 50 Hero & VillainMinor Story Arc #2 The Strange Case of Benjamin A. Decker Rescue Arnold Decker Levantera (Rikti War Zone)

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