Efficiency Expert Pither

Efficiency Expert Pither

Arachnos Efficiency Expert (level 45 to 50) in Grandville

Mr Pither is a small-minded and petty man, who would have led a mean and meaningless life if he had not found his true calling: efficiency. He was so dedicated to this task that it started to cost the lives of inefficient workers, in accidents that could have been avoided had they followed his efficiency regimen, of course. Lord Recluse came upon him when he volunteered a more efficient way to defeat a hero in mid-battle. Recluse offered him a job, and now Mr Pither is one of the most feared men in Arachnos. Mr Pither has a wife and three children, all of whose lives he runs like clockwork.

Working for Mr. Pither can earn you the Efficiency Expert badge by completing all of his timed missions successfully. You must succeed at all the timed missions and be the mission owner, or use the mission autocomplete feature, to earn the badge. Simply helping anther villain complete these missions will not earn you the badge.

Level Mission Information
45 - 50 VillainOther #1 Usurper Project Steal formula from Crey Efficiency Expert Pither (Grandville)Efficiency Expert
45 - 50 VillainStory Arc #2 Alone in the Darque Get Reports for Mr. Pither FlashBackEfficiency Expert Pither (Grandville)
45 - 50 VillainOther #3 Fortunata Iverson Beat some sense into Fortunata Iverson Efficiency Expert Pither (Grandville)Efficiency Expert
45 - 50 VillainOther #4 Diocletian Kidnap Diocletian Efficiency Expert Pither (Grandville)Efficiency Expert
45 - 50 VillainOther #5 Eviction Kick Longbow out of base Efficiency Expert Pither (Grandville)Efficiency Expert
45 - 50 VillainOther #6 Malta of the Mediterranean Get Info About Malta Group Efficiency Expert Pither (Grandville)Efficiency Expert

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