Mage-Killer Zuhkara

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

Arcane Assassin (level 40 to 45) in Grandville

Zukhara comes from a long line of arcane assassins trained in Russia. A unique series of technomagical augmentations rendered her nearly immune to magic. Combined with her intense training, these enhancements rendered her ready to wreak havoc on American magical spies. Unfortunately, her training ended at about the same time as the Cold War, so she was never deployed. She spurned the CIA and Malta Group's offers, and decided to go freelance. Recluse caught up to her as she was jumping between factions in the Middle East. She doesn't have a strong loyalty to Arachnos or Recluse, but she does get to kill mages, which is what she likes best.

Level Mission Information
40 - 45 VillainOther #1 Get the books Get the books Mage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc #2 Shucking Souls Talk to Arbiter Daos FlashBackMage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)Soul Trap
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc #3 The Hunt Investigate Circle stronghold FlashBackMage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)Soul TrapSoul Trap
40 - 45 VillainAccomplishment Badge #4 Selestar Defeat Selestar Mage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)Mage Hunter
40 - 45 VillainOther #5 Rescue Tatiana Save the mage hunter Mage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc #6 The Circle's Plot Do away with Penartes FlashBackMage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)Soul Trap
40 - 45 VillainOther #7 Take out Salvo Take out Salvo Mage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainOther #8 Pizzazz Dispose of the Hero Mage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)

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